Zack Gold plays the lead role in Danish director Thomas Jakobsen's mind-bending thriller about a recovering heroine  addict caught in deadly game in the woods. Available to watch on Amazon Prime. 


Made for the Lifetime Movie Network and now available to watch on Amazon Prime.  

FEAR LIVES HERE (Feature Film)

Available to watch on Amazon, Fear Lives Here is classic horror film about five millennials who's camping trip turns into a nightmare of events. 

GRIDLOCKED - (Digital Comedy Series) 


Featured on Funny Or Die and covered by The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Tubefilter, Gridlocked is a character driven comedy series about the worst traffic jam to ever descend upon Los Angeles and the people stuck in it. Written by and starring Zack Gold, featuring Jon Lindstrom, Richard Riehele and Andrew Keegan.

THE LAST BUCK HUNT  (Feature Film)

Zack Gold plays the lead role in an adventure comedy about a wannabe hunting prodigy who leads the hapless film crew of an outdoors hunting show on a search for a legendary killer buck. Streaming on Amazon and Vimeo On Demand.